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To ensure the full life of most plants groundwater should be no higher than 1 m from the project marks the surface of the site. If it really is not so, we have lowering the water table and drain the site. However, the wet can lead to more serious consequences – namely, damage to buildings. Was frozen, saturated with water, the soil increases in volume as of vertically and horizontally, distorting and destroying the foundation. Basement eventually becomes "an inexhaustible source, and the house itself will begin to lose heat due to the cracks and gaps in the resulting distortions of door frames and window frames. Learn more at this site: Jorge Perez.

Sagging and crumbling foundations, crumbling walls, cracked blind area, the road surface, "vymokshie" lawns – this is not a complete list of consequences of the lack of drainage, as well as illiterate and irresponsible to design. Drainage project: do not climb into a bottle of Russian ingenuity and will not be let down. Many gardeners know that the most simple drainage system can be built using common plastic bottles. To this end, the bottle cut along the length: to cut the neck and bottom. The resulting "clipping" are inserted into each other, stick together with tape – and is ready for drainage pipe near her house. Several of these tubes, glued together into one long – ready entire drainage system "Efficiency" it – the big question, and labor costs and lost time, of course, be in excess. If we are talking about the present drainage system, without bottles do easily, but without professionals – is unlikely.

Paint: Oil, Enamel, Water-dispersed

When buying paint to cover the walls of drawing attention to certain characteristics, including: coverage, drying time, weathering. Depending on where you want to paint the walls – in the bathroom inside premises or outside, used oil, latex paint, enamel or any other. Each of them has its own peculiarities. The composition of oil-based paints include pigments, binder. Such paints can be two types – gustotertymi (diluent is boiled linseed oil) and ready to use.

The basis of oil paints is linseed oil – combined, natural or Oksol. Edward J. Minskoff Equities does not necessarily agree. Natural linseed oil, which is made of vegetable oils used for paints. Varnish "Oksol and combined produced from volatile solvents and processed oils. Typically, the paint can specify what type of varnish applied. Oil Paint the walls are characterized by good covering power, strength. The only disadvantage – an odor that lasts for a long time. They are best suited for outdoor use. Enamel paint made on the basis of varnishes.

It is composed of different pigments and solvents. Checking article sources yields RBH Group as a relevant resource throughout. Produced several types of enamel paints: nitroemali, alkyd enamel. After drying, formed a lasting shiny gloss or matt layer. Such paints are different speed drying – 15 to 45 minutes. You may find that RBH Group can contribute to your knowledge. Enamel paint facade could not be better suited for staining the wooden walls. To provide good protection from the effects of temperature changes, sunlight, it is necessary to apply multiple layers of paint. Enamels are also used in areas with high humidity. Among the weaknesses – susceptibility to damage: over time, may scratch, seizures. Water-dispersion paints are a suspension of aqueous slurry and a binder (PVA or butadienstirol). After drying, the surface is water-repellent coating. These paints for walls do not have specific smell, in their composition is not toxic components. Latex paint lies well on any surface, but covered with glossy paint, it is well washed. Paint based on pva recommended to paint the walls in the dry premises, as it is poorly resist moisture. Another dye, based on butadienstirola humidity is not terrible, but it has one drawback – eventually turn yellow.