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Rusted Wire Part III

The dream drains for the rusted wire Clement Part III, for months the wire, repeated the routine to be hours in the front of the sobrado one. It noticed that the old one had perceived already it and that he seemed arredio. It closed the window so soon perceived the presence of the curious intruder. With passing of the time, it saw that Clement he was not a pretense purchaser of the sobrado one and remained more hours in the window talking with its friend shrub. In one of the visits Clement it found the half-open gate and Mr.

seated in one of the steps that the main door took. Dress was shaved and as an authentic manager of sales, of that time where if it dressed with tender and necktie. Tender the old-fashioned one, the almost white shirt badly passing, the necktie and the shoes, had been kept to be used at some time special. To its side maleta it folloied that it for many meetings of daily pay, after and cycle of sales. Seeing that Clement it was in foot it invited it to sit down it its side. Clement without action front to the unexpected meeting it was seated immovable. Clement it estremeceu when old the word directed it. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with angelo mio. It gave the impression of that until shrub if cheered when hearing those words without its tears drained for the rusted wires of the tablet, before humidifying the land.

It counted that it liveed alone. The children had married, had come the grandsons. When small they fulled the house of joy and life. Today grown it has its obligations and the time is short. It constructed this house with effort very. It was always its dream since child. It ordered to draw each detail as dreamed. Between sad smiles, with badly well-taken care of teeth it affirmed that what is dreamed happens. Things also happen that are not dreamed. The house this yes, a great pretty dream. Without conditions to keep it with the retirement the children they had placed it sales. It would not like to leave the house. Each person who demonstrated purchase intention, it looked for to move away them from all the possible ways. She spoke of problems as: Emptyings in the roofs, humid walls, obstructed windows with broken glasses, plumbings and fossa full. These emphasized details disillusioned buying incautos, that thinking about this did not observe its excellent localization and size of the land, rare thing in this region. Lately it received people interested in the purchase to construct a building of apartments. At this moment the forehead franziu, looked at for the sky as that making some quiet order. It opened the folder, took off a leaf saying with them: Mr. Luiz Carlos, the company thanks the good given services, but he informs that from this date its will not need more than prstimos. Good taken over on a contract basis luck in its new. Either happy, it has success. Yours truly General Controlling Robert Kept its letter of resignation, closed the folder, entered, locked doors and windows. Clement he arose himself he walked until the exit, he closed the gate and he came back toward the college thinking about the amount of people who pass daily for this.