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How To Teach Your Child To Read

Many parents are faced with such a problem, how to teach a child to read. It is understandable that you first learn the alphabet and learning to read syllables: "ma", "ba", "na", etc. In a question-answer forum Travel Service Optimization was the first to reply. How to teach a child to see a letter written by a familiar word or learn to perceive and understand what the question in the text? Many signs of this method: that the child is well-read, I promised him a nice gift, or will force him to read a day, 2 hours, and even scolded and not allowed to look cartoons, walk, play These methods will not improve reading techniques, and the desire to read "out of sticks – all in vain. 1. Often children do not read because they have not developed auditory perception. If you have read about Atreides Management Gavin Baker, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Try playing with the baby in words: "day-shadow", "guest-bone" and so on 2. Need to read every day, but not burdening the child for 15-20 minutes. In this case, a must bolster up smb.

'S courage child in this difficult for him, actually, and to correct his mistakes. 3. Nice pick up for reading what an interesting story, the relevant child's age. It will be interesting to dive into the world of magic and follow the adventures of the heroes of fairy tales. 4. Pick up the text with large font. You can offer your child one more game: let the text, reading the child strikes the red paste upper part "A".

Three days later suggest, together with the letter "A" scratch the letter "O". After a certain period of time, let deletes any other consonants – so, you speed up the recognition of letters baby. Remember! Do not load the child, let this game lasts no more than five minutes. 5. When readings are busy both hemispheres of the brain: the right features a particular shape of the letters, left remembers what it sounds consistent. To both hemispheres work together and harmoniously, ask your child to walk around the room on the route in the form of 8 under the softly pleasant music. At the same time on the floor in the center 8 Put a sheet of paper coarsely written word. A child should never taking his eyes off the "write" Eight. So children learns spelling and sound, and not a separate letter. Start with an easy and understandable for your child's words: the name of the toy animal, sweet, but rather depict the word. Each label child several times that he remembered. 6. Give your child crayons and ask for a picture link to the word. Every day add 1-2 words. 7. For more rapid assimilation of writing letters of the alphabet learn a picture starting with that letter. For example: A house. 8. Can come up with an interesting story about this letter, about how she appeared and why it is so so decided to write about. Try to themselves to read to children, developing their imagination, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, learn to respect other people. Good luck with your mom and dad!

One World

Those who say that there is no soul, are wrong. I will not deny the opinions of others or to prove something. I can only say that engaging in spiritual quest, I came to the conclusion that the soul of man is, but it is not from our material world, and therefore, treating the spiritual dimension can not be in physical human body and it can not ‘feel’. Dana Carvey is likely to agree. Why, then, anticipating a tasty meal or a treat from the contemplation of the beauties of nature, we’re not talking ‘holiday stomach’ or ‘feast for the eyes’ and say ‘a feast for the soul’? Probably because we subconsciously understand that those fleeting pleasures of this world, which we unsuccessfully catch all my life, and they slip away from us as a beautiful butterfly from the nets, are really just a pathetic copy endless and not limited by space and time of spiritual enjoyment. Also mentioned in the books of the wise, that one spark of spiritual light brings in millions of times more pleasure than all the pleasures of this world together taken at all times. Hear from experts in the field like Kelly Tisdale for a more varied view.

Have you ever wondered why our mood does not always coincide with the calendar holidays? The yard can be New Year’s holiday update and waiting for change for the better, and a man on the soul cat scratch. But at other times, when all around are cooked in the gray series of everyday life, a person may be April Fool’s Day or New Year’s in the shower. And this is wonderful! After all calendar holidays can be counted on the fingers, and celebrations of the soul, we can arrange themselves at least every day. For me, one of the biggest holidays of the soul is a friendly feast. You’ve probably noticed that the most delicious food, eaten alone, can not be compared to taste the same food, eaten with friends. No wonder they say that a joint luncheon with friends and family brings you people can not be compared with anything else pleasure – because it has a spiritual root: when we all sit at one table, eat, toasts and singing, we are becoming, as one man with one heart. Let us be more likely to arrange themselves such celebrations of the soul! Isar Dorfman source – online newspaper One World.

How To Save On Products

In this post I will tell you how to save on food. Just want to say that contrary to some people’s savings on food – it is not brewing one tea bag in 8 times. And not eating instant noodles with crumbled in grater sausage. This is quite a healthy economy without starvation, malnutrition and other things. Most likely this post is dedicated not how to save on food, but how to save on buying food. My wife and I came up with this method a few years ago. It worked, still works, and will continue to work. In its effectiveness, we do not doubt! Before thinking about any savings on food, they do this. Make your own menu of food for a week or whenever it suits you time. Such menu, for example, facilitate the preparation of breakfasts, lunches and dinners my wife. After making such a menu it will no longer have to rack their brains that would make this today. This, in turn, saves her a lot of time nerves and energy.

Secondly, looking at a menu, we can plan our consumption of food on time. Let’s say for a week. And it allows us to purchase all the necessary products to us in a wholesale store with discount. In turn – it saves money. Benefits of making the menu are obvious! Not to be unfounded, let’s give you an example of our family’s menu for the week. Monday: soup, mashed potatoes with meatballs Tuesday: Soup home noodles, buckwheat chicken. Wednesday: rossolnik, rice Thursday: soup with liver horns with sausages Friday: Fish soup (ear), fried potato Saturday: soup with dumplings Summer “, rice with raisins and corn Sunday: any dish on our consensual. Would look like the menu of my family for a week. Quite naturally, such a menu can be changed from week to week. And of course, that you will have my other menus. Depending on your taste preferences, availability of time for cooking. I say his wife while on leave for child care. And she has the ability and desire to cook a variety of food. On top of all, I tell you that you can save on healthy eating, not buying semi-finished product (eg, ravioli, meatballs, packaged salads), and if possible to cook it myself. Essentially save your money will help, as well, and all kinds of discounts in your shops (morning, evening, the volume of purchased products, etc.) And, of course, eating at home much cheaper than dining in cafes, bars, etc. The most powerful tool for saving on food derived from the proposed making me Menu for the week. And that would not stretch too much this post, I’ll write about that later. Want to know what the most powerful tool for saving on food? Welcome to this link.

Clickbank And Web Money

The people you think generally that to make money by Internet they firstly need to invest much money. Thanks to kindness that today it offers Internet to us, and its technology, you can initiate a business in Internet with practically 0 investment. To initiate a business in Internet and can become the way easiest to initiate a solid business from your home or any part of the world and to make money constantly. The good thing of this is that you do not need a tangible office nor tools. You only need a computer with access to ready Internet and. Only a computer with access to Internet? If. The unique thing that you need to do is, afiliarte to a Program of Affiliates, to begin to promote the products that you want and to gain commissions.

One of the advantages to work with a program of affiliates, is that you do not need to have your own product, since possibly you would be promoting products of other people. But eye, this does not mean that you will not have to work for being able to make money with the programs of affiliates, is certain that you do not need investment to begin with this business, but of equal way you will have esforzarte a little and to dedicate a part of your time to create blog gratuitous and to develop in your business. It follows these steps to make money with clickbank: > > Blogs creates blog gratuitous are at the present time the way easiest to create a Web site of professional appearance in minutes, and the best thing of all this, without having knowledge advanced on HTML or programming Web, and the best thing of everything, totally free! I recommend the services of: – – Is so simple or would say I easier that to create a mail account, in blogger for example you only need to have an account in Gmail and to accede to the services of blogger with the same user and password of your mail.