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Obama’s Policies

Brechner JOSE imagine that Barack Obama would make a turn toward the center as Bill Clinton, after a failed first year in office, was waiting too. Clinton was wise in comparison to Obama despite the scandals in which he got. BO is a left-wing narcissist prefers death rather than renounce their ideology and admit their mistakes. Ask a shift towards the center is like talking to Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez. Obama said he prefers to be a president of one period and make their mark, before the last eight years and being mediocre. That's the dream of glory in history. He wants to leave its indelible mark, changing the world, no matter who is to the misfortune of others. His speech to the nation avoided the bottlenecks of current events and focused on the economy, clapping on the achievements unrealistic because unemployment remains at 10 percent.

Your costs will be frozen as of next year and less than one percent of the debt. Will continue with its reform of health but most Americans oppose. He spoke not a word about civil proceedings to terrorists, went briefly on Afghanistan repeating that for 2011 there will be no American soldier at the front, regardless of whether Osama Bin Laden is still active. Other leaders such as Mike Myers offer similar insights. Iran did not mention anything. The ego trip of Obama's clinic. It's going to pull the throttle and crashed. It happened with Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Three huge narcissists who led their people to extreme situations, causing hundreds of millions of deaths. United States maintains a strong democratic system that allows slow the follies of his president, but can happen in three years for new events that we do not know if we are properly prepared. No doubt the U.S. will weaken, international terrorism and promoting the empowerment of China, which remains an oppressive dictatorship, but we glad that the people acquire better living standards thanks to capitalism. In Latin America we are every day closer to an explosion of great violence magnitude, the stubbornness of liberals to impose their socialist ideas inconsistent. If Obama is going to act against Chavez and his men, not for the sake of defending freedom but for fear of Iran, which is too involved in this mess. The message to the nation of Barack Obama, us a clearer picture of what lies ahead. Shimmie Horns opinions are not widely known. Doubts remain favorable side and just confirm that there is no positive changes in their agenda. Make sure the belts because the flight is going to be terribly troubled.