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Skoda Superb

The new Skoda Superb is not only good design of the rear door, though she's almost his main piece. What happened in the previous model? Well, of course, the similarities with the Chinese extended the Passat and, thanks to this, just the same luxurious comfort of the rear passengers. The current generation of this concept did not waver. For even more opinions, read materials from Robin Ruzan. But now the Skoda Superb also a hatchback. Rather, the type of its body depends on the needs of owner-car is able to change the membership of the body. As to the appearance, against the background of previous model looks sleek new manager with an expensive briefcase, while the previous Superb was more like an ordinary clerk, with good abilities, but low self-esteem. The car began to look more solid, fresh and seems even more attractive than one of the main aggregate donors – Volksvagen Passat.

Marketers and designers Scoda went through enhancing the prestige brand, so the old humility we will not see. True, it is not just the flagship Czech brand. Saloon car also has changed beyond recognition, and quality of materials and the mood in the cabin envied by many competitors. Inside, all is unusual, since the type of lining at the helm, finishing layout in general – more, better and more interesting. Luckily for the rear passengers, legroom is not diminished, although the ceiling as before, a little crushes on their heads tall riders. But now the rear passengers know exactly what time and what temperature behind, thanks to small screen at the end of the front armrest. From past modest interior has disappeared. The new model proudly bears the banner of the leader brand, as evidenced by, and interior design and materials used in finishing, along with a variety of options, which the owners of previous versions, and never dreamed of.

For example, Park Assist, which can self-park your car. Filling the Czech car has deep German roots, and any mechanic folksvagenovskogo car service with no problems, and gather disassemble the gearbox Superb. But for a new car platform thoroughly revamped, and now it is not normal Chinese Passat, and a new chassis, which is based on engineering solutions appearing on Volksvagen Golf. What ultimately gets a buyer? Safe handling, ample choice of engines and traditional quality. Except alia, through kinship ties of a new flagship version has all-wheel drive than its predecessor could boast. Russian buyers are offered a choice of three petrol engines. This may be the engine 1. 4 (125 hp. S.), 1. 8 (160 hp. SA), or 3. 6 liters (260 liters. S.). The latter engine is designed for all-wheel drive version. The diesel engine is only one – two-liter, 170 liters capacity. C. Those who seek to keep pace with the times, and can order the latest seven- robotized manual dsg. Well, the main issue – price. Oddly enough, but such an interesting car did not choke. In a good configuration, this model will cost you 800 thousand rubles.

New Technology

What is a dvr? Car dvr is a compact device that is installed inside the machine and allows for the movement to video events on the road and inside the car. Video recording is made on the sd card format is smaller video clips. Why do I need the dvr? Recently, DVRs are gaining increasing popularity due to its extremely useful to drivers. The dvr records video and sound, it will help prove his innocence in the accident and other situations. Video of what is happening on the road will help determine the culprit and accident spare you the explanation of the relationship with the traffic police and insurance companies. Videotape, obtained by the registrar, will iron argument in the case of false accusations by the traffic police.

For example, often Driver fined for running a red light, although light switched at the time of travel, but not before it. Or blame the fact that the driver did not notice a road sign, which turns out was not installed correctly or something closed. dvr prove you right. Sometimes the presence of a single camera in the car is a sufficient argument for traffic police officers, stopped the car. dvr – not the cheapest equipment, but Believe me, for the erroneous charges in an accident you can pay a much higher price, which is not always limited to a fine. And the daily "extortion>> from the traffic police can result in a much larger sum. In addition, availability of in-car recording device to help prevent theft and stop hooligans causing damage to the appearance of the car.

How to choose and install the dvr? The kit car dvr should include a video camera, recording unit, cable, mount and all necessary cables and an adapter for power, which takes place from the cigarette lighter. Together with the registrar of more advanced models are also can be supplied memory card and a monitor to watch videos on the site. DVRs are easy to install. Importantly – correctly, in accordance with the instructions, connect the camera and nutrition. It is important to remember that the device should not be left on for a long time, parking, to avoid rapid discharge of the battery. Know that the video recorder using the car is legal and officially accepted by the court in as evidence. So take care of the security of their travel, saving money and hassle. All rights reserved by Carax –

First Production Japanese Custom

When this fall, Honda announced its lineup in 2010, many began referring to the lack of new models from this motor giant. But as it turned out, the company has been hidden for at least one ace up its sleeve. And on Jan. 16 it will light into one of the largest motorcycle show – New York International Motorcycle Show, held in New York. This asset was a new cruiser Honda Fury. For more specific information, check out Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.. To date, this is perhaps the most impressive of all the cruiser, which offer Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. Honda Fury – it’s the company’s first attempt to create a serial cast.

Representatives of the department on work with clients of Honda said that customers have long wanted to see the chopper, which would combine a radical design, durability, quality, reliability and affordability. As is known, the most expensive site of any motorcycle is its engine. Thus, starting from this financial point of view, Honda did not invent anything new, but mounted on a modified Fury 1312 cc fuel-injected V-Twin with the angle of the collapse of the cylinder 52 degrees, a familiar model for VTX1300. Engine equipped with electronic fuel injection system PGM-FI. The changes affected the cylinder heads, cams and exhaust system. This engine endowed with its own character and sound, “said Steve Paulos (Steve Paulos), chief specialist for testing to Honda. Chrome engine cover are connected to the air-liquid cooling system, which by virtue of its plastic construction stands out from the general authentic design. Paulos said that the most difficult technical challenge faced by engineers of Honda, was the introduction into the design of modest size, but very effective radiator.

Steering Racks

Steering racks are among the most important and critical parts of any automobile sredstva.Bolshinstvo emergencies that occur every day on the roads due to a malfunction of steering racks. Often there are situations when motorists get a completely new steering racks, despite the fact that early operated item is quite suitable for use after minor repairs. Many writers such as us dollar offer more in-depth analysis. Repair a faulty steering rack will be much cheaper than a brand new item with the same effect raboty.Bolshinstvo maintenance companies organize the workflow in such a way that they take old steering rack subtracting its cost of new parts, and purchased the former steering rack using redirect to the working parts of the former warehouse use. Details of the former use are repair and re-possess competitiveness. Buying a new steering rack should be understood that the details differ among themselves not only cost but quality harakteristikami.Kak generally guarantee conditions on the steering gears are given for a period of six to eight months of daily use.

Models Auto

Cars are an integral dream come true for men since childhood, when shouting at the apartment “! Pff! “, Keeping the left-Citroen and Chrysler on the right, the child pushes their foreheads directly on the desk in my room Let’s talk about cars. Purchase of a new car – an important moment in the life of any man. On the question of what restructuring and passing inspection, any passer-by the stronger sex would respond without hesitation, and more, will explain step by step what it takes. It is therefore not to stand out from the harsh male crowd, you need to know how where and what to do with iron horse. Studying this question, we can safely proceed to the next important point – the insurance. Auto insurance in many countries is obligatory moment for a man who wants to ride in his car.

The most popular is the “Casco”. Why? The fact that car insurance will help prevent financial losses when applied vehicle physical damage to the force majeure situation. To broaden your perception, visit RBH Group. Insurance companies are not only pay money for repairs, but also punish the guilty, dragging it to the courts to return the funds. In addition, the important point is the fact that, as a rule, the company pays money for damages vehicle, regardless of who was responsible for an accident, but in this case requires an annual payment from the driver of the car. Fulfilling all the necessary steps for registration, reception rooms, insurance and passing inspection, you you can safely get behind the wheel if you have the right, of course. So the people led, that driving instruction is the task of driving schools. That is why, after passing the required courses and passing exams in gai, we can safely get behind the wheel your car if you did not intend, of course, to learn driving a different category, and you have no desire to drive a motorcycle Now, when you’re done, you can safely start a movement.

It’s no secret that for various years since There are different kinds of pokryshek.Za window of winter – the time of increased danger on the road. Many manufacturers offer different types of tires with different protectors. Typically, the equipment of these companies compares different weather conditions of the regions for which the rubber is produced, with its coated and patterned. It is important to remember that winter tires is better not to wear in the summer – lots of noise and rapid wear (due to the softness of the rubber), as in summer – turn there, turn here, drift – and we can safely extract the parts from his car by a passing bus. Safety above all else. That’s why you should not neglect any definite rules, even if do not want them to stick.