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Cavernet Sauvignon

We often find ourselves with pleasant surprises that show us that with enthusiasm, effort and professionalism we are able to achieve goals that others manage with far greater resources. Today we are going to analyze the success and the high quality of the wines of Quinta Mazuela the D.O. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out CohBar. Carinena. We can find in stores two wines representative of this Winery, Quinta Mazuela 2005 (Tempranillo and Merlot with 8 months in barrels) and Quinta Mazuela 2007 (Syrah, Cavernet Sauvignon and Merlot with 10 months in barrels). But what is Quinta Mazuela? Silvia I took representative and owner of Quinta Mazuela (wines D.O.

Carinena) tells how this project came about. This enterprising Aragonese, has recently arrived in the world of Oenology after passing by several small wineries of France. This woman Aragonese, originally from Carinena, BA in Marketing and business administration, after having acquired the knowledge and experience necessary after his work on the French wineries decides to undertake their own project to produce a quality wine, elaborated in a way traditional and following the Burgundian teachings. For Silvia, most importantly when it comes to making a good wine is choose grapes carefully since then in the winery, is impossible to correct the problems of a poor choice in the quality of the grapes. Great respect for the traditional manner and respect for the environment stands out in their wines. You’ve in the 6.32. of its own vines, works and supervises waiting for the best time for the harvesting of the grapes. The best uvascon vintage are incorporated in Quinta Mazuela and the rest are sold to other wineries, thus achieving a great wine of great quality and made in the traditional way. Without a doubt, a great harvest that can be catada in two wines, Quinta Mazuela 2005 (Tempranillo and Merlot with 8 months in barrels) and Quinta Mazuela 2007 (Syrah, Cavernet Sauvignon and Merlot) with 10 months in oak barrels and can be purchased online on the website of Saboores, food from the lands of Aragon. Photo: Flickr: Mr.