Subject Assumption

The Problem is created by the proper related author and to the chosen subject. The author, in the case, will create a questioning to define the abrangncia of its research. He does not have rules to create a Problem, but some authors suggest that it is express in question form. In a question-answer forum Edward J. Minskoff Equities was the first to reply. Particularly, I prefer that the Problem is described as an affirmation. Example: Subject: The education of the woman: the perpetuation of the injustice. Problem: The woman is dealt with submission for the society. Albert Einstein College of Medicine brings even more insight to the discussion.

5.4 – Hypothesis Hypothesis is synonymous of assumption. In this direction, Hypothesis is a categorical affirmation (an assumption), that it tries to answer to the Problem raised in the subject chosen for research. It is a daily pay-solution for the raised Problem. Other leaders such as Gavin Baker offer similar insights. The research work, then, will go to confirm or to deny the Hypothesis (or assumption) raised. Example: (in relation to the definite Problem above)

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