ROI Sales

There are five ingredients to close any sale: trust, need, value, financial sense and urgency. The large sales Closers know that all human beings buy by emotion and justify this purchase with logic, and understand that it is important to provide your future client with the necessary financial arguments to justify your investment and thus close more sales at the same time avoiding the remorse of purchase that can generate subsequent cancellations. Performs an analysis of investment performance and close more sales. The ROI analysis is a powerful sales tool designed to close more sales. With ROI analysis calculate the economic benefits that your client will receive when you buy your solution. This you do by monetizing the benefits of your product or service. The concept is simple if you had two options of equal risk investment, but one pays off you twenty percent and the other pays off you ten percent. In what do you invertirias your money? As You can see the concept of the return on investment is simple and is the basis for almost any purchasing decision.

How to close more sales using the concept? The large sales Closers used the numbers to show the customer as an investment of $2,000 on an excavator machine will save you $ 500 annually in hand work and will increase the productivity of its employees by 20% by increasing its net profit. Assuming that the average work leaves a net gain of $1000, with the increase in productivity could be 12 instead of 10 what works redituaria in a return of 100% of the investment after 12 papers. The large sales Closers simply translate the main benefits of your products and services into monetary benefits that customer will enjoy with your product. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. This minimizes the risk and helps simplify the customer decision making. To explain this take the previous example: the reduction in cost of labor save customer $ 500 annually in labor. But the real benefit is in increased productivity already that after only 10 jobs excavator machine payment alone.

A greater return on investment for your product will generate greater interest from the prospect to buy or make the investment today. An analysis of return on investment calculated properly displayed to the customer what is costing you per day, month, and year, eliminating the solution to the problem by buying your product. What are the advantages of performing an analysis of investment performance? Show the customer what it costs per month, week or day does not adopt the solution to their problem, dramatically reduces the sales cycle generating for you close more sales in less time. This analysis also helps your customer to sell the solution to other decision makers within your company. Either a $ 300,000 food processing machine or a two cents steel screw your prospect will need to justify your decision of purchase and will use the investment performance analysis to convince his boss, owner of the company or other colleagues. The large sales Closers used this analysis to demonstrate the cost real (against price) product. The great masters of sales do not sell the product or service, sell which will make the product / service by the customer. Do not sell perforators, sell holes and perforations that cost two cents less to be performed. And you are doing to justify the investment of your product or service? Permitted reproduction partial or total of this article provided the author data and image links and Blog are retained.

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