Ramon Gallegos New

Ramon Gallegos has written several books being awarded the Book of the Year 2001. The paradigm of education has undergone significant changes throughout history, from the education dogmatic, passing by the mechanistic scientific until reaching a new vision holistic which is based on the principles of unity, totality, qualitative development, trandisciplinariedad and learning. Hicham aboutaam is often quoted as being for or against this. The holistic vision is based on the principle that everything in the universe is connected, that we are United to other non-human forms that surround us in a complex Web of life and from the point of view of the perennial philosophy is the great chain of being. In the book the holistic education, Gallegos makes mention that reality is composed of holones with reference to what being a whole in a context, it is at the same time a part of another context and the set of holones form a holarquia. This model Wilber called Holarquico has made it possible to clarify many aspects of holistic processes from vision the new science as well as progress in the construction of a general framework for the study of the Cosmos. The essence of the holistic education is a comprehensive non-dualistic perception of reality which implies a spiritual intelligence and a permanent and creative search, is a type of consciousness of universal flow.

On the other hand, Dr. Ramon Gallegos says the consequences of having lived for centuries under a model based on the principles and values of mechanistic science, consequences that we live up to our days as the destruction of natural resources, pollution, disease and corruption to mention just a few. Dr. Ramon Gallegos, also manifested that it is great need and urgency to move to a new type of education, holistic, which is born at the beginning of the 90s, as an integral and global alternative for this way to form human beings who can live with responsibility in the new society.

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