Philippe Aries Children

For the children, however, Bilac it used a simple language taking off the imagination of the child. As example the poem ' ' The Casa' ' , in which the poet values the family and the home as sacred. It sees as the birds have, underneath d? wing, the son implume, in the heat of the nest! You must love, child, your house! It loves the heat of the maternal affection! Inside of the house where you were born you are everything As everything is happy, in the end of the day, When returns of the lessons and the study! Return, when you returns, the joy! Here you must enter as in a temple, … the poetry of Bilac shows, through verses, the importance of the family and the love that the children must feel for its familiar ones. At the time, when the poet wrote this poetry, it had as function to teach civic and moral values to the children. The child was seen as ' ' adult in miniatura' ' , taking off its capacity to imagine.

In recent years, with the studies of the French historian Philippe Aries (1981), he was evidenced the historical and social nature of the child when articulating infancy, history and society, thus basing a contrary position to ' ' miniaturization of criana' '. Of this form, the valuation of infancy and the diffusion of the modern concept, accent character differentiated of it, in its dependence and fragility, what it assures the protection necessity. The idea of modern infancy was universalizada. Moreover, the school through the poetry, can prove its utility when if become the space child to reflect it on its personal condition. also, throughout this exactly century, grew the effort for the knowledge of infancy in some areas of the knowledge. Other modern poets and contemporaries had appeared, the infantile poetry conquered space and its readers.

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