New Housing Frija

Operating controls are available in different colors and models through user-oriented design part of Interior Design. Nuremberg, December 17, 2010: With the introduction of the housing form Frija II the S + S creates REGELTECHNIK GmbH new possibilities for the aesthetic design of interiors without compromising maximum functionality. The new housing not only boasts an appealing design, it allows architects and planners through different combinable colors and features the existing room design to fit the required room temperature sensor, temperature controller and transmitter. The patented design of the new housing series Frija II is like all other forms of housing of the S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH on easy installation and high operating comfort. The user-oriented functionality of the interior design creates new opportunities.

Individual existing on the facilities of housing needs in maximum flexibility: numerous mechanical and versatile, functional details can be combined. Standard illuminated displays and grippy, overwind safe controls support a high ease of use. The development of series of Frija II is the result of wishes and the previous housing Frija I laid the foundation stone for the functionally optimized, new series inspired by customers in. The expansion of the housing dimensions 98 x 106 x 32 mm creates sufficient space to accommodate a maximum of functionality. Depending on the claim of the customer following standard options can choose from: with or without display, Poti (potentiometer) or rotary switch, button, light-emitting diodes, rocker switch. The freely combinable color choice creates new opportunities for the optimal design of a room. While traditional housing colors like white or grey only little room for a customized look offer, flow the colors deliberately discreet Frija II or accented in the interior design a black, beige, mint, bordeaux, anthracite or silver can be on request on a Combine housing.

In addition to the comprehensive standard program control technology on request produces S + S also sensor and controller according to fully own and in accordance with special standards such as MIL. A body completely in stainless steel, such as for specific applications in accordance with FDA demands, is possible. Only the shell dimension 75 x 75 x 25 mm is available for stainless steel versions. The production of all series of S + S REGELTECHNIK GmbH takes place at the site in Nuremberg. Even small quantities or unique can be made here directly. Data:-dimensions: 98 x 106 x 32 mm – 1 or two Poti – color: pure white (standard), black, beige, mint, bordeaux, anthracite, silver – mounting: wall mounting, surface cable routing rear or top/bottom – display – light-emitting diodes – rocker switch, rotary switch, push button, overwind safe controller (17.12.2010 ts)

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