Long Term Archiving Solution

SAP customer conference-goers an insight into the out of HP and iTernity HP / iCAS simultaneous presentation in Frankfurt and Orlando Freiburg, April 28, 2010. On the SAP customer conference Sapphire now in Frankfurt from May 17 to 19 the iTernity GmbH together with HP presents the archiving middleware HP / iCAS. At the booth of HP, Hall 3 booth 817, can itself inform interested parties about the low-cost partner solution for the long-term archiving. Users benefit especially from the connection with the HP storage portfolio. Other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala offer similar insights. Existing hardware can efficiently be used, because iCAS fits seamlessly into any storage structure a. The migration to newer technologies or external media may be performed at any time without loss of data integrity. In the long term, users save more cost because a new licensing for hardware change is not necessary.

A further advantage of the solution: It has that often for the SAP data archiving interfaces to numerous well-known DMS and ECM systems, used can be, so that SAP data smoothly directed to the archive. HP / iCAS archived data using the patented and certified content-storage container technology (CSC) and can they optionally compress and encrypt. A separation of the data for example, by divisions, subsidiaries or customers is possible. The statutory retention periods can be flexibly manage and comply with precisely for each container. Estee Lauders opinions are not widely known. A compliance oriented archive infrastructure available is thus available to users. You can also completely run virtualized and offers even more benefits such as disaster recovery, high availability and stability. In Orlando, Florida, the Sapphire now Conference in conjunction with the ASUG Annual Conference takes place at the same time. Here the iTernity GmbH, also together with HP presents the solution HP / iCAS on the booth of Hewlett-Packard. Also the KGS GmbH will present at the US event the solution HP iCAS content server by KGS.

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