London Badminton

The company, now known as RSL Badminton, was founded in 1928 in London. The original name of the manufacturer of sporting goods – Reinforced Shuttlecocks Ltd. In fact, the name continues to this day, although most people know this company under the name RSL Badminton. The first product that is related to badminton, the company produced at its factory in London, of course, was the shuttle. Until 1980, the factory was located in the RSL's famous Cinque Port site in Kent.

RSL then reached an agreement with China's DH Shuttlecocks Group. Thus there was a connection of experience and technology RSL Badminton on the one hand, and on the other – materials DH Shuttlecocks Group, which ensured the production of fine flounces. The company is engaged in not only production equipment, but also puts a lot of money and resources in badminton as a sport. This policy is implemented through the Partner Program of RSL. The company is widely known for sponsoring international tournaments. Except addition, RSL provides a lot of sponsorship program for talented athletes.

The company promotes the development of badminton in the countries where the sport is still on its feet. RSL provides exercising equipment top-class so that new players could reach the level of international competition. In addition, RSL – the main sponsor of the Danish Badminton Federation in 1997. The company provides the Danish team as equipment and conditions for training. RSL not only produces flounces, and other equipment. Around the world, are well known racket RSL. The company also produces sportswear, tennis courts, handbags and other accessories for badminton.

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