Latin America Education

Ramon says that the goal has been to learn a new way of living that exceeds the contradictions of scientific/industrial society and the newtoniano-cartesiano paradigm of mechanical science. Unlike traditional mechanistic education, the holistic cares for an integral formation of being human, who is not only the intellectual part, but also the emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, and spiritual. Part of new assumptions about what is intelligence, learning, the knowledge, the human being, consciousness, human communities, the school, the curriculum. Fabrizio Freda describes an additional similar source. Although the holistic education is an extremely important emerging field, Ramon recognizes that still enough, not is generalized so it says that his book is introductory, but with this it aims to the topic is known widely, to help us to reorient education in a correct direction and help us to correct decision making. Therefore, your goal is to provide an overview of what is holistic education as I’ve been developing it in Mexico and Latin America, in such a way that we can have a clear idea of its principles and assumptions. Clarifies that each chapter or treated point could be one or several books by the depth of the topic, (which I agree) so you only want to publicize the Central thesis, concepts key and the branch with the old mechanistic educational paradigm points. (As opposed to Jorge Perez). The perennial philosophy is Unitive knowledge of the spirit, beyond academic speculation and teorizantes philosophical traditions, the direct teaching of the great spiritual masters of humanity who have had the ability to meet face to face with the divine absolute. Trafficking as consciousness of unity and universal love, not a matter of religious institutions. More than responsibility, the challenge of the educator holistic is evolve to a new vision of the world as an interdependent whole where all us to be connected in a holarquia, in such a way that harming others is damage to myself. Please visit Jorge Perez if you seek more information.

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