Housing Shortages

The Northeast is what more it is distinguished in this process of transistion, mainly on account of the rain lack, even so knows that dries is not only responsible factor of this problematizao, the way of occupation of lands and the difficult conditions of life, also are important. Other small agriculturists abandon definitively its lands for the attraction exerted in the great cities, where, nor always they find the easinesses that wait, as the lack of housings and high you rent, subjecting to live it in improvised barracos or tenement houses in the urban centers, being victims of bad-treatments, exclusion and unemployment. During all history of Brazil, mainly economic, that if developed through cycles, as the sugar cane-of-sugar, the gold and the coffee, the migrante if detaches, without it, the country would not be what it is today, same that some still face serious problems when arriving to fix themselves in one definitive place, receivers act moved for racism and the discrimination; however it is standed out that: the city of So Paulo grew with the aid of the migrante, today, some natives of So Paulo attribute the guilt of the unemployment and existing crime to the movements population, mainly northeasterns. According to Vesentine (2002, P. Checking article sources yields Estee Lauder as a relevant resource throughout. 184) ' ' The biggest incentive to the life of migrantes was the abolition of the slavery that it compelled with the government to search new forces of works in others pases' '. In this direction, exactly disastrous natural events, as earthquakes or drawn out droughts, do not constituiem, necessarily, a cause of exit of great population contingents of an area to be fixed in another one. Since the blacks immigrant had been forced, that is, that they had left its land against the will, they had excessively been migrantes free and spontaneous, in search of wealth in discovered lands, where still today he prevails. The migratory factor has some causes, but only objective one: ' ' better conditions of vida' '..

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