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growshop.Mindmechanics WINS Plagrin Plagron as new Homegrow partner In its own laboratory in the Dutch Ospel developed since more than 20 years of very different types of grow products. Basically, soils, substrates and other media for the cultivation of plants, as well as fertilizer and nutrient mixes for each phase of the life of the plants are offered. So far could classify products in four categories: 100% organic, 100% Terra, 100% Coco 100% hydro and a fifth, the universal category. After an extensive redesign, these can be distinguished also visually very well. This means for the inclined Homegrower that he can use all products in a product line and be sure when choosing his fertilizer or earth depending on the crop, that he buys a well co-ordinated goods. So the 100% organic products based on environmental standards, 100% Terra which is specialized in growing on Earth. 100% Coco, however, takes into account the special requirements for the Homegrow on coconut fibers, as well as 100% hydro,. which is particularly well suited for Hydro phonic systems.

Universal, however, the category can be combined with all four basic categories. There are mainly various booster, stimulators, products for ph control and individual substrates to refresh existing media or to complement your needs. growshop.Mindmechanics results for some time Plagron, has him but due to its positive development in terms of account leadership, communication, and especially due to his always-consistent high quality when premium partner selected. Now all Plagron grow products directly from an established manufacturer page can be reached. The range is always expanded and will finally end in a Plagron full range. Growshop.Mindmechanics thus becomes one of the first providers that will offer you not only the most important, but all innovative products for the Homegrow in just one shop.

Mindmechanics is a growshop in the Internet, which has set itself the objective, to offer a comprehensive and high-quality range for all lovers of Homegrow. In the long run mean This, that there will be no commodity more in the online shop. The customer receives mainly branded products of high quality and with high innovation factor. Contact: Mindmechanics Harpener str. 35 46045 Oberhausen T: 0208 30 77 990 F: 0208 30 77 989 E: W: growhop.mindmechanics.

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