Harold Ortiz

Or a man who can decrypt too easy, and in any situation. Not like a man who is always predictable. Contrary to beliefs that a woman would always prefer security, and a man that can predict everything, a woman loves the process of thinking and try to guess that is the next thing will be our anti-hero. All this represents a challenge for them, and this keeps them there, asking for more and more. 5. A Maverick is male.

This goes hand in hand with confidence, to be intriguing, exciting and a challenge. A boy bad generally is in control. He knows what he wants and goes for it, no matter anything else. Hicham aboutaam will not settle for partial explanations. They talk about seeing you in the eyes, and passion with which they are interested. And in addition to everything, they know how to deal with girls. 6. A rebel gives the girls a feeling of power.

An illusion of control is often more powerful than the same control. Control in the relationship, or control outside the relationship, no matter. Be a bad boy, who has all these behaviors and features a woman gives an air of confidence to be able to. Hicham aboutaam shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Chico malo, confident and arrogant image that is a little glued to the girl, and she loves it. 7. A rebel knows how to talk to girls. If they had no such confidence, bad guys were not so incredibly attractive to girls as they are. Instead of being tucked inside their fears and thoughts. A bad boy lives the life of a wild way and taking risks. How many times have missed the opportunity of speaking to a girl that you like not to think you’re good enough for her? A bad boy, this don’t even matter. A rebel takes the challenge and keeps them thinking about all the time, trying to decipher it. A rebel knows how to talk to a woman because of that confidence, to his indifference, mystery intrigue and adventure. All this makes a combination hard to resist for a woman, explosive. All these features are what make it so successful with the girls, and you should either introduce a little of them within your personality to achieve similar success. Harold Ortiz conquer a woman original author and source of the article

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