Gold Funds

Despite some setbacks in the last months of the year 2011 gold has not lost under the dash in the new year as a thing worth protected plant attractiveness remained still a gain of 12 percent for investors in the past year. This is also confirmed by the continued large demand. What is true for gold itself, has spread also on the opportunities, associated with a direct stake in a gold mine”, says Canada gold trust’s Managing Director Peter Prasch. After a slightly delayed start around 90 per cent of the total volume of the Fund at the end of the year 2011 could be placed within a few weeks. A road show held in January 2012, along with the broker platform Fund finance, with dates in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich, is likely a fast from placement of the currently envisaged total investment amount by ten million euro equity ensure. So far have been raised already EUR 9.25 million from investors. However, not only the theme of gold, but also the other Trust 1 speak facts of Canada gold for themselves. So, a flow of investment capital by 142 percent is intended, in order to fund over three years of run time, allowing an annual dividend by 14 percent to investors.

A further security represents the agreed hedge against falling gold prices of planned embargo. A short-term implementation of the gold mining will be able to own investments made on the basis of the multiannual preparatory work and from the initiator for the initial inputs to the extent of more than a million euros. Gold in the claim of Mary can Creek in the interface procedure particularly fast and cost-efficiently promoted and expected already this year achieve recoveries. The currently favourable weather conditions, the preparatory work are already in full swing. We are considering currently an increase in the placement volume to 15 million euros, how it envisages the prospectus”, as Pamela. For Manfred banks as the Board of Directors of the banks CAPITAL AG, the exclusive distribution has taken over, it would be a mistake to slow down the back be certainly in the spring placement speed. A dominant theme will be his opinion of gold this year again.

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