General Administration

Today Monday, April 4, the Ministry of culture published in the official bulletin of the State, call for aid for investment in capital to increase the offer legal cultural content on the Internet and to promote modernisation, innovation and technological adaptation of the industries cultural and creative, corresponding to the year 2011. To display the order in full, visit the website listed at the bottom of the article. The Ministry of culture, since its creation in 2004, has been configured as the Department of the General Administration of the State responsible for the proposal and implementation of the General guidelines of the Government on cultural policy. The growing importance of culture as a dynamic element of the economy and employment, were highlights in our country by going to the satellite account on the culture whose data reveal that the cultural and creative sector, in activities related to intellectual property, provides 3.9% of our GDP. With regard to cultural employment is estimated that it generates some 750,000 jobs. The important future that has this sector is recognized in the strategy of sustainable economy of the Government which considers industrial policy and innovation as the main nuclei on which pivots the productive model change. The European Commission has published in 2010 the ‘ green paper: Unlocking the potential of cultural and creative industries ‘, which reflects the true potential of cultural and creative industries to contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy. The Ministry of culture is strongly supporting the creation and modernization of cultural and creative industries (CCI) as a growth sector, and to the formation of human capital capable of generating occupation in a wide range of jobs of different types of qualifications. The objective pursued is to offer cultural resources through new technologies, promote the co-production of cultural products and train managers and cultural entrepreneurs, who take advantage to maximize the opportunities of cultural diversity, globalization and digitalization in the sector of the ICC.

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