Federal Ministry

Carrotmob makes school of green city e.V. 25 March 2013 interested teachers and teachers from all over Germany for the national climate protection initiative-funded teacher training Carrotmob makes school can register. It will take place on 22 and 23 April in Frankfurt am Main and is Academy, which will be offered and promoted by the Federal Ministry for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety of the Munich-based environmental organization green city e.V. part of Carrotmob. Car red mobs are unconventional actions that encourage consumers to operate strategic consumption at selected stores and move to entrepreneurs to climate change mitigation. The events are accompanied usually by an artistic programme. Recently Estee Lauder CEO sought to clarify these questions. The awareness of the participants for the problem of climate change should be sharpened by car red mobs.

The actions at the same time showing how everyone can contribute to climate protection. The planning and implementation of such action is in particular a good possibility to pupils and students to make practical and contemporary familiar with the issues. “The free training is the concept of Carrotmob makes school” before the teachers then as elective, P-seminar or AG for students can be offered. The training provides knowledge and practices to the independent implementation of a car red mobs with students from the 8th grade. The content and schedule of the workshops will be prepared and there are suggestions and expiration of Carrotmob school makes you valuable tips. The training used for climate protection in everyday life and is also officially recognized: the participating teachers receive a training certificate. It is suitable for all teachers and teachers of secondary schools from the departments of biology and physics, environmental officers and teachers interested in environmental issues, and teacher. The training will take place on April 22 and 23 at the educational institution of regional sport Association of Hesse in Frankfurt am Main.

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