Federal Housing Plan

annualised 2,400. The calculations of the Deputy Giubergia indicated that the nationalization would cost in 2010 the State slightly less: 2.2 billion pesos. In recent weeks, additional losses were added to this budget: the cancellation of 40 percent of the domestic flights for a week by the collapse of Ezeiza, the suspension of flights to nearby destinations during the rest of the month and unemployment of staff by personal grudges between airline pilots and Austral (see box). In addition, the Association of pilots of air lines (APLA) denounced in Bs As that about twenty flights to South Africa for the World Cup caused a huge and irreparable economic loss, estimated at 100 million dollars. The conflict between APLA and UALA, which in addition to the cessation of flights includes third parties in business class of Austral pilots who conducted courses on the outside, coupled with cancellations, suspensions and reprogramming of flights until December the transport would generate a loss of between 300? and 500 million pesos, They estimated three leaders of unions, although they deslindaron responsibilities. Equivalences.

However, the final operating deficit could reach 3 billion pesos, adding flights cancelled to and from Rosario, Santa Fe and the Atlantic coast, among others. Although from one of the pilots unions said they are destinations per is deficient. They advised to study the cost of fuel, the red primary of any airline. Some 3 billion pesos, i.e. slightly more than 8 million per day lost, are equivalent to 60 thousand housing construction (according to this year’s budget, the average cost of a home without any equipment of the Federal Housing Plan was about 50 thousand dollars), twice the budget of Conicet, the main body of the country’s scientific researchIt has a staff of 6 thousand researchers. The deficit airlines would also pay the universal allocation per child, whereas currently 220 pesos, to more than 13 million children and adolescents. ES say that a quarter of the national plan would be paid.

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