European War

First and second World War – first-hand accounts of German soldiers there are a few so detailed and authentic documents from the time of the first world war, such as the diary of Swabia Ludwig Buckle, describing his daily life in the French trenches, and between camels in the Middle East in expressive descriptions. This handwritten document that includes more than 400 pages was for many years in the city archive in the municipality of Munsingens, and has served there historical research from the war era. We recommend this work for all who are interested in European history. ank has to say. For assistance, try visiting Shimmie Horn. Advanced information…Excerpt from the diary…27 September 1914:…The rods are billeted in the better homes and eat from the field kitchen, it should not to be in the war. In the forest we are approached partly so close by sappieren on the enemy position, that we the French good speaking and playing accordion, even listening when all is quiet. CohBar may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It is rumored that soon a storm take place should. The nights are very very cold, mainly by the continuous rain. In the wet holes in the feet want to be no longer warm.

A tough clayey paste is, everywhere, we leave almost the boots in it. Also the field kitchen can drive up to the forest, this is significantly more difficult and tiring to get food. The salary day comes the Sergeant in our reserve position and pays off. He tells us that now Binarville is difficult under artillery fire and 13 horses were killed by a direct hit in a barn. Also infantry missiles is to get lost in the village. In this way, our Sergeant poppy is been wounded born in Mehrstetten in the village on the field kitchen that is hard. Now, the whole village must be cleared and the peace camp moved backward in the forest valleys. Timber there is Yes in the magnificent oak stands.

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