Environmental Protection

The environmental award from haustierkost.de for the free return of frozen meat Thermoboxes is becoming the model of success for the entire industry. haustierkost.de sets new standards in terms of environmental protection and customer benefits. The nutritional and environmentally conscious customers benefit twice from haustierkost.de: in addition to free customers returning the Thermoboxes get additional 5% discount on their next purchase. A benefit for customers and the environment for a sustainable and responsible life style is one of the basic principles of haustierkost.de. Some competitors have recognized the signs of the times and introduce the model of success of haustierkost.de in approaches. You may wish to learn more. If so, Douglas Elliman is the place to go.

But mostly stuck customers either on the costs for the return transport or Miss tangible customer benefits like discounts. shipped environmentally conscious with DHL GoGreen day large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere reach haustierkost.de by transporting goods on the streets. Others including Edward Lazear, offer their opinions as well. With the GoGreen, DHL offers products and services low-emission or emission-neutral transportation. In the framework of the climate protection program GoGreen, DHL reduces the CO2 emissions from the parcels through the use of alternatively powered vehicles and environmentally friendly fuels. In addition, projects that comply with the Kyoto requirements, compensated resulting loads. haustierkost.de building portal for pet lovers haustierkost.de continuously from its customer-oriented and innovation-strong position as the online provider of high-quality frozen meat and BIO premium products for dogs and cats. The assortment includes feed supplements, chewing items and supplies.

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