If you are a student, opposition, you begin to study for the first time or after a long time and you want to memorize easily and have fun while you do it, take a look at what comes next. It is no secret, that is how your mind works. (Not to be confused with Avison Young!). In fact, all the things that you remember (for exams or not) have any (s) of the following properties. It will surprise you to check that, without knowing it, you were already using many of them. A leading source for info: 660 Fifth Ave. Sensations Humor, fun, ridiculous, ridiculous, absurd, pleasure, anguish, speed, pace, smells/tastes aromatic, sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, sour image distance: far, fence, kilometric, millimeter space: size Dimension: 2D, 3D movement: constant, acceleration, braking, jumps, speed (slow, fast, supersonic,) light, in curve (a right-wing, left), in slope (up, down) direction (toward): in, out, left, right, up, down, frontback Location: above, below, enmedio, inside, outside, front, back, side, around them, surrounding Color: all color white and black shades: grays, warm, cold, pastel, Luz: bright, blinding, flashing, luminous signboard (neon), clarity, darkness quantity: much, little, too much, abundant nature of the image: transparent, opaque, saturation, contrast, focus, brightness, type (slide, photo, picture, drawing, film camera slow, fast, forward, backward) dimensioning: With limits: gated, walled, isolated, bubble without time limits: frequency: never, often, always, just; duration: insufficient, excess, short, low, long, short sounds interrupted, monaural, stereo, constant volume (high, low), shrill, tone (mild, acute, severe), digital, plastic, metal, creaking, instrument (piano, organ, guitar, violin, flute, ukulele, harp, harpsichord, ) You can visit with what store original author and source of the article for an even more comprehensive listing.

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