Dela Embrace, The Reading Education

Summary: He advocates a more humane look at the behavior with children, to propose an approach to reading. On the basis of respect for their children and social status, and also proposed activities for the Promotion of Reading, accompanied by emotional ties. Is not intending to boast with what I set out below, but, apart from being rich in the personal – emotional, is also personally rewarding – career. I do not know if having 25 nephews has an advantage in terms of the relationship with the children. But what can be said is that early age, and naturally, I felt a respect for the SER child, I have created an excellent relationship with them, which I set from the moment that treatment. This is, in my case Promoter professional librarian and Reading, before offering some activity around Reading, I try to dip into his world, ie the game, run through the facilities of the Library – which has generated some warnings – the laughs and looks naive, etc., in short, as I said in my selection process before the call for Fe and Joy, I’m going child. That makes it fun and easy to propose an approach to the act of reading. Experience around two years ago that I exercise as Librarian – Promoter Reading Public Library Jose Maria Velaz – Fe y Alegria, located in the Pan-American neighborhood Niquia Bello – Antioquia.

It is surrounded by a community in which phenomena such as forced displacement, youth and family violence, unemployment, mark their socio / economic and cultural. For some of these people the Library has become the greatest incentive to divest all its uncertain world. So, after this bleak outlook, children / users, some fatherless and / or abandoned the same, they take certain behaviors that fall in the lack of affection and food. The Library has been set for them, the successor paternal and that is why, sometimes continuous, before getting to the library where they lie open heart, children’s books, approach where Aida (auxiliary) or where me and us they give a hug. Thus establishing a close relationship with them, which means that when it comes to the activities of all kinds, and especially the reading, the response of participation is very rewarding for us within the institution. I understand well that when they come in certain circumstances, before offering some text to narrate read them, them, their eyes seeking affection.

As moral of all this romantic experience, the who, beyond having sufficient skills, and in the case of the Promoters of Reading, it should still pending open-heart moments of immaturity. Since there is nothing that is equal to the sample of satisfaction of a child, when read a story, a story, etc. accompanied by respect for his condition and has lost a familiar embrace.

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