Croatia Holidays

Dalmatia – a Wonderland, which all wish takes account of Croatia, a charming country on the Adriatic coast, extends mountains miles from the eastern edges of the Alps in North West over the Dinara to the Adriatic Sea on an area of approx. covers 56,542 q and therefore belongs to the medium-sized States in Europe. The country has common borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, while a natural border formed by the Adriatic Sea in the West and Southwest. The capital of the country, Zagreb, with over a million inhabitants, romantic lies at the foot of the Medvenica mountains on both sides of the river save. Official language is Croatian language, which belongs to the South Slavic language group and is characterised by a special sonorous intonation, highlighting them by the Slavic languages other than the melodic. One of the most beautiful regions in Croatia, is rich in history, culture and traditions, Dalmatia. The area is referred to by poet and writer than that Country the country of the past and the country of the future, the country of a past history a future travel. Describe the literary metaphor at best the opposing influences, the various ethnic groups which have left centuries in Dalmatia.

The beautiful, blessed region not miser with his treasures. In the form of a narrow strip of land extends it from the Northwest to the Southeast, throughout mountainous on the coast. Characteristic for the region are numerous nature parks, where any timber construction is prohibited. Croatian girls at the party in the middle ages, the timber sales to foreigners by the City Council of Dubrovnik has been barred by the first nature protection law so that you can get the richly wooded mountain slopes in Dalmatia. At the same time which stretches coast with a multitude of Islands, beautiful beaches through dense pine satiety covered, parallel to the mountain chain. So anyone who wants to enjoy the Sun and the invigorating sea air, without the sight of the mountains has to renounce the most ideal place it discovered. The island was connected before thousands to the Mainland, the sea between the Islands and the Mainland is relatively flat today and thus it very well suited for fishing, snorkeling tours and other types of water sports. The mild Mediterranean climate determines a regular stable air and water temperature in the hot summer months.

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