Construction Sector

In almost all countries, the construction sector is one which concentrated higher accident rates. The fact of having to work with heavy materials and large machinery, many times in height, attached to them, sometimes, poor measures of prevention of occupational risks; they are factors behind those sad data. In fact, daily workers in the construction sector are exposed to situations and extremely delicate conditions, and must face the serious risk of injury from consideration in the course of their work. More frequent work accidents: are the following:-accidents by falls when working on scaffolding, roofs, or stairs; as well as in ditches and holes. -Injury caused by the malfunction of the machinery, usually caused by a defective maintenance. For assistance, try visiting President of Estee Lauder.

-Fire, explosion and electric shock; and burns during welding materials. Injury by the free fall of objects from overhead, impacting against the head of the worker. -Severe cuts and amputations by the use of cutting tools. These are some examples of eventualities that could take place at a construction site. According to statistics, workers in this sector have a probability of dying to work six times higher than employees in other industries.

What should I do if I suffered an accident at work? If you’d been the victim of one of these unfortunate events, causing you injury consideration and on a permanent basis or difficult to solve, you could consider lodged a lawsuit against your company if it could have been prevented have been duly implemented appropriate security measures in the work. Two aspects are essential in the face to that claim: – put in writing the events which had taken place and that gave way to the accident, including details on it, where this took place, materials that you were using, the source of your damage, potential witnesses of the event, etc. – entrust the case to a lawyer in terms of damage and accidents, which could occupy both deal with your possible claim of permanent disability, if your accident would have caused irreparable consequences in your work capacity; of the claim against your employer for your damages. Who could be held responsible for my damages? Many individuals and entities could be considered responsible for an accident in construction, including the owner of the facilities, contractor of the work, or in your case, the company subcontracts to which you could come to develop your work. In any case, it will be necessary to carry out an analysis on what happened at the time of settling the liability of each of the agents involved in the tragic event, to try to determine who was the factor that caused the accident which resulted. Even the manufacturer of machinery or tools with which you were working could be found liable for your injuries in the event of them submit defects in your design or in your manufacturing that had caused your damages. Jose Alberto Andrio Espina original author and source of the article

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