Coco Peredo

At his side he wanted to help him in that task, along with Bolivians, a small nucleus of experienced guerrillas, that it had been almost all colleagues his in the Sierra Maestra, during the revolutionary struggle in Cuba, whose ability, courage and spirit of self-sacrifice he knew. These men none hesitated in responding to your request, none left, none surrendered. He became a true expert in guerrilla warfare. Planned with extreme care and skill until the economy and the supply, because he said that this is fundamental for the guerrillas. Even though the number of men that had in the month of September, a few weeks before his death, was very small, yet the guerrillas maintained its development capacity and some Bolivian paintings, as brothers Inti and Coco Peredo, would already be highlighting with magnificent prospects for heads. It was the ambush of Higueras, only successful action by the army against the detachment sent Che, killing the vanguard and injuring him several men in broad daylight, when they moved to a rural area of further political development, who created them a insurmountable situation. It deeply impresses the feat performed by this handful of revolutionaries.

The single fight against hostile nature that unfolded its action constitutes an unsurpassed heroism page. Never in history such a small number of men undertook a task so gigantic. Faith and the absolute conviction that the immense revolutionary capacity of the peoples of Latin America could be woken up, confidence in itself and the decision with which surrendered to that goal, gives us the proper dimension of these men. Che said one day the guerrillas in Bolivia: this type of fight gives us the opportunity to become revolutionaries, the highest step of the human species, but also allows us to graduate us from men, who cannot reach any of these two stadiums should say so and leave the fight.

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