Citizen Advertising

And the hypocrisy here is absolutely all members of the educational process. In most First of all, hypocrites themselves as learners. After all, they are well aware that to stand in line for some kind of rights and, sooner or later will have them, regardless of what the knowledge obtained during training. Of course, hypocrisy and the teacher. They remind us that buy the rights to be solved only losers, but only pretending to teach people, as the deadline for a new driver can only give only the basics, which does not help him when next to him is not a driving instructor. But most interesting is that hypocrite the traffic police. And when they give back to the right, and when it is given new ‘cake’, you think not about the knowledge motorist, and their personal profit or the implementation of the plan. According to another simply does not happen.

Of course, there are also some conscientious staff, but they are so little, that this fact only confirms the well-known rule: to return rights and obtain new ones did not make any problems – would have been money. Well, knowledge and education in the school here is not with it! So what does this ultimately mean? Citizen Advertising ‘category in the purchase documents’ (we’re talking about figuratively) behaves more honestly than those hypocrites who have received them quite officially? Yes it is! And after all, because the proud owner of a legal rights immediately after the exam is just starting to learn to ride, because in school he was given only basis, the foundation, which is quite possible to get yourself and without any extra financial expenditure. Once the author himself studied the data strings in a driving school. Quite responsibly declare that buy ‘crust’ was easier and cheaper, as the study – this is a real profanation, a farce, but no real gain experience and knowledge. I did not understand anything of what a sleepy voice said hangover teacher and first experience of independent driving, received only directly on the road, and when left on city streets alone, without an instructor from a driving school. Only after this book ‘SDA’ found for me at least some value and benefit. So What if you want to buy a driver’s documents, make no mistake – you take the right decision!

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