Champagne – Why It Is So Expensive?

Champagne is one of the most expensive drinks. What are the factors that affect the price of champagne? A magical attraction seems to have champagne. On special occasions it simply doesn’t work without champagne. No wedding, no transport, no new year’s Eve without champagne. Unfortunately, Champagne is anything but cheap.

What is it actually? 1. high prices for land in Champagne champagne should be done only in the Champagne region. The area under cultivation is strictly regulated and can not simply expand. While land costs only around 10,000 euros per hectare outside of the champagne – growing area, winemaker for land approved for the cultivation of champagne have to pay one million euros per hectare. Thus, the production of champagne is very capital intensive. 2.

tedious, labor-intensive production process while simple wines such as Beaujolais come just a few weeks after the harvest in the trade and to generate revenue for the winemaker, the production of champagne over several years drags on. After the grape harvest first made the so-called base wine that is later filled in bottles of the second fermentation. Https:// can aid you in your search for knowledge. Then the champagne over several years in the bottle matures, until he was finally offered for sale. 3. high marketing expenses invest the major champagne brands every year large sums in measures of awareness. For brands such as MOET & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot, it is not uncommon to spend around 25% of the proceeds for promotional activities. These three factors contribute significantly to the high price of champagne. Another factor in the future could be the growing demand from emerging markets such as Russia and China. The annual production amounts to only around 320 million bottles of champagne. Because the annual production amounts to only around 320 million bottles of champagne. Should, for example, every Chinese family in the new year with a bottle of toast champagne want, complete annual champagne production in China would be drunk. Champagne is unfortunately already expensive enough. Fortunately, most of us are likely to forget the high cost of a bottle of champagne at the latest when the champagne for a special occasion in a special champagne glass pearls.

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