Brazilian Defense Minister

He also left another aircraft with 31 firefighters who work in rescue and other ship tasks with 13 tons of food and water. In addition two aircraft with a total of 21 tons of food and water they already left. On the other hand, the Brazilian Defense Minister, Nelson Jobim, defined an emergency plan to deal with five more serious problems detected by the Brazilian forces in Haiti: burial of the dead, injured, damage removal medical relief, reinforcement of security operations and distribution of aid, especially food and water. Taken into account that Brazil leads the UN peacekeeping mission and has the largest military contingent in Haiti, with 1,266 soldiers such as Nations said United had 10 million dollars from its emergency funds while the workers of the international organization and peacekeeping soldiers stationed for a time in Haiti were facing their own losses. The headquarters of the UN in Haiti plummeted and there are at least 16 dead and 150 missing. 200 Workers of the UN in Haiti tried to distribute biscuits and other aid elements, despite looting and the threat of violence in a nation plagued by lawlessness. The Red Cross estimated that some three million people need assistance, from water and food to accommodation and added that many may require assistance during an entire year. He is said that a critical angle of the crisis is the growing need for medical services par at helping victims, aggravated by the severe damage suffered by hospitals and other health facilities in the country.

President Barack Obama announced on January 14 that will put all the power of service United States of Haiti, devastated by the massive earthquake on January 12, and that it will unlock immediately 100 million dollars for its aid, gave him the Haitians that the United States not leave it with your help. It is known that due to the earthquake, the airport control tower was destroyed. However, elements of special tactics of the command of special operations Hurlburt force air of United States said their teams became responsible for control of operations at the Haitian airport. Lieutenant Colonel John Dorrian, spokesman for the U.S. Southern command, said U.S. personnel cleared runways, established a 24-hour air traffic control and began to operate systems of atmospheric monitoring and airport lighting.

The first aircraft sent by the international community to alleviate the nearly three million people affected by the earthquake on Tuesday in the Haitian capital and its surroundings have already landed. Should be noted, that the prospects for medium-term solutions they are non-existent to the bleak landscape of crops, means and tools lost in the ruin of farmers and irretrievable manner. Fears of a famine are persistent in Haiti, whose economy was in crisis before even the devastating blows of nature. To deepen your understanding Atreides Management Gavin Baker is the source. Agriculture is destroyed, he told reporters Joannas Gue, Minister of industry. Venezuela has also made this, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sent a total of 14.5 tons of bags of non-perishable food, drinking water, bed linen, blankets, personal kits, among other items, to the Republic of Haiti. Second loading added to 18 thousand kilograms of basic necessities were already sent has been sent.

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