BOOT CAMP: Not For Wimps

The SAS TGroup to the BootCamp in bad Bruckenau Kai Wawerzinek, CEO and owner of SAS TrainingGroup invites also on May 16, 2009 once again men and women to the BootCamp after bad Bruckenau invites. Discover your own limits and learn how to outwit your inner pig dog. Experience a day that will remain permanently in memory. For more information see hicham aboutaam. You wanted to do ever want the employees of your company or certain friends something or need something else and would like to escape the everyday stress? Then, our BOOT CAMP is just the thing! Share your pin stripe against a uniform and experience a day after, you’ll be glad to be back home. We guarantee physical fatigue and bruises. You will feel like a recruit during the training. Dirt, mud and screaming instructors foreign words for you will be no longer, obstacles and ropes you will love learn and redefine concepts such as Chair and bed. You can also explore the up to Their performance limits and thus strengthen your confidence in yourself, you will see another man after that day if you look early in your mirror.

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