Antonio Carmona

The new thing of the exvocalista of ' The ear of Goes Gogh' it will leave in November. It will be produced by Sebastin Kyers and it is recorded in Los Angeles. With his first album alone, Montero was placed in the first positions of sales in Spain. List: the best song of Amaia Montero alone. Amaia Montero has begun to record its new disc in Los Angeles (the USA), secondly alone of the singer and Guipuzcoan composer, whose publication is predicted for the next month of November.

According to her promoter has informed this week, the new album will record itself, mix and masterizar in the Eastwest studies of Los Angeles. The disc will be produced by Amaia Montero and will be co-produced by Sebastin Kyers, producer and resident mixer in the four United States that has gained Latin Grammy and eight Grammy, and Salazar Alpaca, producing, also arreglista and guitarist that has worked with Daconte Baby, Light Country place, Antonio Carmona or Juans, among others. With their first album alone, the excantante of the Ear of Goes Gogh was number one in list of the most sold in Spain with three discs of platinum, and Golden record in Argentina and Venezuela, besides being name to the Grammy Latin in the category of Better feminine album MGP vocal. Source of the news: Amaia Montero records its second disc alone

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