Alejandro Rutto Martinez

If I have to be a book let me be carrier of your letters woven in adjusted to faith, prayers which form pages of Beatitudes, chapters of complete honesty, passages of perfect harmony and, finally, a cluster of distant, clear teachings of the silences of oblivion and faithful to the memory of your times. If I have to be a pilgrim help me win me in thy name the appreciation of the here and the there and serve with devotion to one and another in the belief that in each person and that you dwell in every human being is your glorious Word, your unlimited power your timeless beautyyour perennial fragrance and your unmistakable presence. If I have to be a tear allows you can roll down the cheek of who cries to feel the joy of finding you and the joy of feeling loved by you. (Not to be confused with hicham aboutaam!). And if I be that suffers, help me year eyes cloud over their hopes Crystal nor the horizon of your mood. Help me wash the heart of those who do not know you and clear vision of who you seek incessantly. Lord, help me and find yourself in the firm leaves green, in the glow of noon, in the Dim light of dawn, tender smile of children and in the pleasant sensation of the soft breeze on my skin and in the cool on the morning grass dew and in every corner where I bring the force of vitality you have given me. Amen. By: Alejandro Rutto Martinez original Autor and source of the article

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