Administrative Discovery

1 Introduction the object of this analysis corresponds to a space clipping of the quarter of New Discovery (Coordinates: 80' 34' ' S – 3455' 27' ' W) in the city of Recife, situated in the zone north and being situated in one of the regions of mount of the Region Metropolitan of Recife. The quarter is inserted in the Region Politics and Administrative 03 (RPA3) concern in it to the urban and ambient planning of the City hall of the City of Recife and socially planned from the municipal territorializao of the Unit of Human Development 24 (UDH24). The quarter of New Discovery is characterized by the presence of a set of territorialities, at the most diverse moments of the daily one of the resident population in the region. The formation of this space happens since the start of century XX with the advent of the exit of the mocambos of the central region of the city of Recife, what it originates the demographic explosion of the quarter, beyond this factor also exists the textile sprouting of plants in entorno of the quarter of New Discovery, making with that people comings of interior of the state if consolidated in the quarter. Its territoriality contemporary is seen as something abnormal, therefore its organization and occupation all do not allow a proportional development for its territory what it causes as effect of serious precipitations accidents, generated in the past in its older territorial part, as well as today in its territory more recently busy, therefore the mounts had not only been occupation objects, but, also, the edge of the basin of the river Beberibe, having as consequence the cut of the ciliar bush, the disappearance of species of the flora and the fauna and the death of the river. The calls institutions, Church Baptist Missionary in New Discovery, Group Woman Wonder, Church Catholic Ours Mrs.

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