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School Agencies

Where school is an agency be from your experience and aspirations where to build their reality freely. Another important point is: do away with the academicism which I like to call: acadominismo, which are nothing more than pregnant institutions inoperative and prevailing rules, rules that curtail the freedom of being, that dominate minds making them slaves, that restrict the creative capacity of the subject and human critical thinking and approach. In order to make them autonomous from any repression or elements of power that respond to particular interests outside the will of men (call status, Religion or industry). Finally just to point out: the search for memory history can not be free to remain subject and submitted to the Court or truths euro centric or Anglo-Saxon subordinate and destroy other social and cultural forms of life and that not being enough with this they dare to bad call us peoples without history. We can only understand our reality and know what we are and where we go, if we know our origin, to be aware of our past and knowing who we are and where we want to go, it is impossible to react passively to domination, and so we will be free.

Showing the vision of Zemelman and Quintar, and coupled with this vision of libertarian pedagogy, I find in the unknown point I mentioned earlier as threats and aberrations of this vicious circle. To love Zemelman and Quintar propose a new social contract for education, is proposing another social method (thing was opposed to that previously it could say until he fell into another determinism?) and that similarly makes us think that we could return to the modernism. When referring to contract, refers therefore to new rules, new rules, new parameters, and do not we had made it clear that these parameters stifled to be?, and in this desire to create a being upright, does are not equally applying a bonsai pedagogy but on another level, to the parametrizarlo under the standards of the new social contract? With these questions are born anarchist replies concerning education: non-application of regulations that limit to be at their full development; the abolition of any mechanism that exercises power and so the school is antiseptic of all political, religious, or corporate body.

Robert Bosch Foundation

“Facing the open day on 17 March the art project images language will parallel” presented in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation. “In cooperation with Kunsthalle facilitate the transition is the children of the kindergarten in the primary school”, describes Dana Pavli? ikova, the Deputy Director of primary school and kindergarten, the project, by the Robert Bosch Stiftung with the program art piece “is encouraged. Thus, the ESK institution belongs to the 12 kindergartens and 20 primary schools in all of Baden-Wurttemberg, which are supported in the years 2010/2011 and 2011/2012. There are just 24 exciting school projects at the open day in the Secondary School (high school) from 10 to 14 h to experience. Together with his team of teachers, headmaster Tom Hoyem passes the organised by the parents association and sponsored book prizes to students back in the small gym. The ceremony will take place at 11:30.

In the Sports Hall, the visitors are allowed to unusual sports highlights such as Eurosport 2013 “and hockey forward. Who occasionally want to enjoy as much range, which is in the new cafeteria around supplies: from 8: 00 the parent-teacher association offers coffee and cake, from 11:30 there is lunch, where the guests culinary run through Europe. The euro boutique in the entrance area of the cafeteria waiting with an information stand about two summer camps and in fine weather, football is played at the new sports ground next to the cafeteria. Information booths of affiliate companies and partner organizations of the ESK are found in the foyer of building A school. This year, there is a stand of the Burundi group the school again. The open day will take place at the European school in Karlsruhe, Germany, Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 1. A park & ride ability school offers the subjects bath Karlsruhe, at the sports park 1.