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Public Security

Other times I used this space to compose some reflections regarding the structure of public security of our country. I mainly lament the indifference with the formation of the policy professionals, basing me strict in proper experience and comments of the systems in vigor. I did not speak of the personal, constant formation of the character, the ethics, the familiar education and the regular pedagogical learning that each one brings of house, but yes of the instruction defective and archaic technician-professional given to the aspirings the guard for the academies, schools and centers of formation, in such a way national how much the spread ones for the States. With much reluctance – and for not registering advance there some of pr here -, today I come back to the subject. The short intelligence that keeps the separation of the forces of security, calling them ostensive and judiciary, if by itself consubstancia in strong burden and exacerba the situation infausta of the system of available policing however.

It stops to get worse this picture and to more still ruin the process, pssima quality of the education of the academies if daily reflects in the given services of equal nature for the policemen. He is not idle to remember that the centers of formation said military with priority teach to the candidate the police woman to be welded, that is: to react as automaton to the voice of command of the joined order; to inside understand its position of the rigid military hierarchy, lastreada in the obligation of the pipe the side and the stubborn cult to the hypothetically infallible personality of the superior. At last, they inspire in the young apprentice the set of the symbolisms that the life in caserna composes, inoculating feelings and aprestamentos to it for an improbable and chimerical war. Everything! Little doctrine of social defense and respect to the rights of the citizen.

Average Education

This article has for purpose to not only argue practical of the soccer while the cultural element insculpido of inherent form in the personality of the Brazilian people disclosing its amplitude in official substance, that is, in the professional soccer. Also mark presence, of form forceful and evidenced in the small groups and population nuclei, for intermediary of the amateur soccer, on modality to the daily one of the Brazilian citizen, as generating object of leisure, amusement, social inclusion, citizenship and exchange of experiences in collective; the sharing between people and communities entire, but the passion is not only seen in the spectators, but also in the eyes of the players who are the protagonists of the spectacle, as he is emphasized in the present article. Word-key: Soccer. Chance of Social Inclusion and Citizenship SUMMARIZE This articulate tiene as objective to argue prctica del there ftbol as cultural element sculptured tan inherente en personalidad del pueblo brasileo discloses su rango there, in slo en los acts oficiales, namely, en el ftbol profesional. Tambin estuvieron gifts, evident y con fuerza en asentamientos los pequeos groups y, the traverse del ftbol amateur, species there related con el ciudadano common of Brazil, as un generador of objects, el ocio, diversin, inclusin there there social, ciudadana y el I interchange of experiences en there there comunidad, el I interchange between los individuals y communities enteras, pero there pasin in if ve slo en there multitud, bell tambin the ojos los of los los jugadores that sound protagonists woollen series, as en is distinguished this articulates. Words clave: Ftbol. Chances for Social Inclusin y Ciudadana INTRODUCTION the present article intends there to argue stories on the basis of, the soccer and its dimensions while element of social inclusion, subject this, whose modality is of great importance for the quarrel of the factor that would have is inserted in the guidelines of the politics you publish of each government, has seen that, through the sport it is more viable to minimize the factors that englobam the social diversities that as much devastate the population layers.

Learn English

Definitely, if there is a language that has become the lingua franca of the world, that is the English language. Not for nothing is a highly required skill in the world of work, and is a matter of course compulsory in most of the curricula of non English-speaking countries of the first world. English is the language of computing. In fact, the same terms and expressions in programming languages are based on that language. For this reason, it is necessary to learn English for anyone who aspires to a career in this work niche. English is also the language of science. The majority of scientific works are published in this language, and in this way are put within the reach of the global scientific community, regardless of their country of origin.

A lot of references for most of the scientific, like medicine, physics or engineering career is developed in English. Learn English will ensure that the person can develop in any country in which it is located, Although this is not the local language, since insurance you will find someone who also speak English, and that way you can exit to the passage of a situation that nobody wants to live: the find in a strange place with a language that is not understood. But in addition, English is the language of some of the most beautiful pieces of literature. What a pleasure so great that it is able to read the original works of Shakespeare, Tennyson, james Joyce, Graham Greene and Bram Stoker, to cite only some of the great masters who did wonders who will enjoy the coming generations. Also is an incomparable pleasure to be able to watch a movie in English and not need subtitles to understand what it is. Therefore, English is virtually mandatory in life today.