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Social Studies

Subjazia to the relative texts to the education of History, in the most different perspectives, as well as the quarrels between the professors and us, to the time pupils of graduation e> entered in scene proper names, as it defined it Rancire. Therefore, the first contacts with the education of History, over all for those egresses of the courses of full licenciatura, were followed by this desestimulante constatao, that to teach to History in 1 and 2 degrees meant to breach with what it is apprehended in the academy. It elapsed of this split, one another segmentation: that one that kept the education of History moved away from the daily one of the pupils. The complaints on the monotony of the lessons of History and on the felt lack of of if only studying> passed they were frequent on the part of that they were seated in the pertaining to school banks. Therefore, the relative publication lack on the education of History did not mean, evidently, the absence of problems. It must be attempted against for the fact of that the chronological clipping used to carry through this reflection is initiated in the decade of 1980, period marked in the scope of the formation of the professors of History for the quarrels concerning the emanated problems of the courses of Short Licenciatura in Studies Sociais and Full Licenciatura in History. In what it says respect to the education of History in level of 1 and 2 degrees, the same period marked the beginning of the proposals of curricular reforms that conferred to taught history a critical dimension. The moment characterized if for the influences in the academy, of a side, the critical thought of marxist connotation e, of another one, for the happened innovations of the French historiografia, in particular of the contributions of the movement of the Annales and for its consequent penetration in the quarrels concerning the changes that if made necessary in taught History, it was in the Universities was in the schools of Basic Education.

Production Potential

With the completion of the company’s ‘European Centre for components’ will be the window manufacturers in the location, daily 10,000 window to produce run the construction work for the company’s European Centre for construction elements Bytow, Poland, December 18, 2013, for almost a year”on the premises of the Europe-wide renowned window Builder DRUTEX. The company stands before the completion of the first phase, the construction of the new production hall. In the modern building, DRUTEX invested converted almost 50 million euros. A measure that will allow the firm to increase the production of approximately 5,000 Windows every day to 10,000. The annual volume of produced Windows would rise to around two million. A capacity increase of window manufacturers also urgently needed.

Last but not least by introducing the IGLO ENERGY demand, mainly from Germany and surrounding countries has risen sharply system. As a result of the positive sales development in Poland and DRUTEX abroad, intends to expand its product portfolio. Currently, the company is active outside of Europe in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East and Australia. Accurate analyses and forecasts of the development of the individual markets justify the planning, to begin the development of its own door systems in the coming year. A measure which means more expenses in millions of dollars. We are pleased about the growing interest in our products.

It shows that we are on the right track to convince with innovative products, fast delivery and good service customers all over the world by us”, says Leszek Gierszewski, founder and CEO of DRUTEX, the development of his company. Own communication on the various markets will also intensify the window manufacturers and taking into account the regional needs, to strengthen trading partner and brand compared to professional customers and end users. For the region is the establishment of a European Centre for Construction elements”positive with: several hundred jobs will be created. Currently 1840 employees to around 2,500 staff is scheduled to increase. Just so, it will be possible to take full advantage of the great potential of the Centre. Also after completion of construction of the production hall (scheduled for spring 2014) begin the second phase of construction of the Center and another approx. 27,000 m m large building occur. About DRUTEX DRUTEX was founded in 1985 as a manufacturer of fencing in the metal industry. The innovation-rich family business quickly put his focus on the production of Windows and is now 5,000 window every day. This is DRUTEX Europe’s market leader for PVC Windows and doors. Also developed and produced under the brand name DRUTEX profiles GL system custom window profiles and is also a manufacturer of Windows and doors made of wood and aluminium, as well as by fire doors, shutters and own insulating glass. The company has about 1,000 trading partners in Germany and offers at the headquarters of 1,840 Employees a modern and safe workplace. With the construction of its European Centre for construction elements, DRUTEX will increase significantly its own production capacities. For questions and accompanying image material, please contact: Mathias Mandler ITMS marketing E: T: + 49 (6032) 3459 282 Adam Leik DRUTEX S.A. E: T: + 48 (59) 8229101