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But I’m also convinced, that we were used on that occasion as in many other more by these gentlemen. I get the following questions to not vary, Fidel, you had to wait almost 50 years to realize this, I say second hypocrite, that as always you and your team, you chose which and how many needed each home, this is quite common in the recent history of Cuba, that is preparing a people for that much education, then not give him the ability to think. Lord how much contempt, cent in your way of acting, this going to follow later, arguing for that this point has bothered me always pretty. Third, do not know doing things, if it is really so good will of a discreet and simple way. No, the whole world, said and repeated, something just as Fidel distributes Chinese hoyas in Cuban homes.

Let’s see, if our own President is not able to assess and give value to our own people who will make it in this world. We appear as indigenous are they crumbs. It is known, for example, as artists, professionals and athletes spend it everytime they leave Cuba, saving every penny and receiving sometimes used things from colleagues in the countries to which visitors to Cuba. And then this sort of thing are a criterion on the Cubans to at least to my bothers me enough. I can’t stand that I try different, nor feel me singular for I come from Cuba, at least not from this point of view. Fourth, well I can enumerate many, but it is not my intension to think for you, if not give part of my opinion. As Calvino says, you draw your own conclusions on this issue.

As you can see on a single topic can talk much. Now I shall dedicate myself to hang on every page that lets me my views. And I urge everyone who is able to make it. Clear, that it is not my intension, harming nobody if not simply giving my opinion. And for that, simple, I want to assert my right to comment freely, insofar as subject they please me as far as possible. I have always believed, that Cuba is like the planet Mars. A closed site, where until may, is clear to the rest of the world. That is why I adopt the pseudonym Marcian. By so I felt, almost my whole life and perhaps later expand on this topic. A Cuban, as Cuban as the Royal Palm Marciano Rafael Gonzalez any opinion in favor or against It will be welcome!

Simon Rodriguez

His teachings were definitive for forging a personality Sturdy and geared to the success of any initiative that would have, especially in those related to the art of leading men. One day, when Bolivar was in the restless age of 22 years, found him the teacher somewhat depressed by the situation of the beloved homeland. It ordered him to walk with him and took him to Lyon and Chambery then traverse the Alps and entering the Italian boot and passing through Milan, Venice, Ferrara, Bologna and Florence. In Milan he would attend. However, it was Rome, the eternal city, which really attracted him. In the Sacro Monte, near to the land of Romulus and Remus made a sacred oath and acquired the commitment to firm and sacred meet the following years of his life: I swear in front of you; I swear by the God of my fathers; I swear by them; I swear on my honor and I swear by my homeland I will not give rest to my arms, or rest my soul, until it has broken the chains that oppress us by the will of the Spanish power Bolivar fulfilled his promise and grateful lived with his master, to whom years later named Director of public education, physical and mathematical sciences and arts and Director General of mines, agriculture and public roads of the Bolivian Republic in 1824 wrote an emotional letter in which expresses it its gratitude and recognition: you formed my heart for freedom, for Justice, for big, for the beautiful, I have followed the trail that you taught me Simon Rodriguez was a creator of dreams and a forger of freemen. And Bolivar was fortunate to have at your side at decisive moments of his training as a leader and as a human being.