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Argamasilla Academicians

Dones, who would say the classics, mind and heart, which are those that open the world of mortals. Because Mena Cantero is a poet for posterity and that his poetry will live on after him. Imposed task of writing is to succumb to leave the intimate thoughts to be known by everyone. It is to share emotions with others, which probably will never know. So it is so important to know the author of that emotion. In this poet and writer had followed him without putting his face.

Because for an author he really is his work. But friendship is always miraculous, was my Shed your face and figure. It happened Saturday, November 17 at the Cervantes Argamasilla de Alba, on the occasion of the homage, the Argamasilla Academicians, paid to the writer Ana Moyano. Impeccable in its own way and in Mena Francisco Cantero to read a few sonnets in honor of Ana Moyano, and then with the discretion of the great people I lost at the end of the act among the din of the crowd. I must confess that I felt a little embarrassed when I spoke to him to greet him. Over the years I have learned the importance of respecting the space of others. But I am also aware of how lucky I am when I agree with writers who follow and read. I liked its simplicity and warm reception flat, without presumption or haughty, and I knew his poetry and articles, not detracted in any way with the man in front of me.